Turn around time is 1-2 weeks plus shipping for SIGN ORDERS

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To request a return you MUST HAVE a customer account:

1. Access Your Account:
- Click on the profile icon on our store's navigation bar, or visit our refund policy or returns page.
- Log in by entering your email address and clicking 'Continue'.
- Check your email for a message from our store. Copy the six-digit code included in the email.
- Return to our online store and enter this six-digit code.

2. Select Your Order for Return:
- Find and click on the order you wish to return.

3. Choose Items to Return (if applicable):
- If your order contains multiple items, select the ones you want to return.

4. Specify Return Details:
- Choose a reason for your return and add any additional notes for the store.

5. Submit Your Return Request:
- Click on 'Request return'.

After Your Request:
- If approved, you'll receive an email with shipping instructions. The Customer is 
responsible for the return shipping method and costs. 
- Once the returned item is received, your refund will be processed.

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